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Welcome to Dunedin Pediatrics! Located just outside the heart of downtown Dunedin, an amazing kid-friendly office awaits you and your children. We’ve engineered an atmosphere that not only welcomes little hands and imaginations, but also puts parents at ease in its serene environment!

Here at Dunedin Pediatrics, we are truly patient-centered. By providing same-day and walk-in appointments, home visits, and even 24 hour access to Dr. Vivian by cell phone (fees  apply), we aim to ensure that you always have access to us. We  also have a friendly,  easy to use Parent Portal for to see all your visits, billing, and immunizations.

Dr.  Vivian and her staff at Dunedin Pediatrics want to be the medical home for your children, but we hope that you won’t only come to see us when your little one is sick. It is important to us to monitor your child’s growth and development during well child visits.


Effective July 1, 2018 all AHDH medications and appointments are needed once a month instead of every 3 months. Please call the office to schedule an appointment.  Thank you.


We have an open vaccine policy here at Dunedin Pediatrics and will not turn you away based on your vaccine decisions but    Dr. Herrero, by law, has to educate you on the vaccines that you may be due for at the time of your visit.