Dunedin Pediatrics & Family has an Annual “Retainer”

This retainer is required to become a patient with our practice.  It is due annually and is based upon the ages of those in the family.

By charging a retainer for each family, we are able to maintain a manageable patient load for each of our physicians, thereby maintaining that “small town” feel we are so proud to offer. Most medical practices overload their providers and leave patients with only a few minutes per appointment. We are different. With smaller patient panels, our doctors are able to spend an extended amount of time at each appointment. We really get to know you, and we actually take the time to answer all of your questions.

Services covered by the Annual Retainer:

  • Patient Portal- offers easy on-line scheduling, secure private communication with your provider, ability to access visit summaries, medical history, immunization records, labs and more
  • Care Coordination with specialists.
  • Access to our After Hours Physician Line. We do not outsource after hours phone calls. When you call the office after hours or on the weekends for urgent medical concerns, you will be directed to Dr. Herrero herself for a telephone assessment. (fees will apply) By providing this convenient option, we can avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the urgent care or ER.


Dunedin Pediatrics & Family is a “Direct Primary Care” or “Concierge” Practice

We do not accept any insurance plan for payment. We offer “Direct Pay” or Annual Memberships to cover the cost of your doctor visits and routine office labs and procedures.

Direct Pay: Under this plan you are responsible for paying the cost of each visit at the time of service. We can provide a receipt for you to use in filing insurance claims, or to use toward your deductible (if applicable.)

Silver/Gold/Platinum Membership:By purchasing an annual membership, all of your doctor visits are included throughout the year, and many office labs and procedures are discounted or included as well, depending on which tier you choose.

**If you do have insurance and a referral or outside-lab test is required, we will be sure to refer you to labs, pharmacies, and specialists that accept your insurance. You can also call the member services number provided by your insurance company to verify covered services outside of our  office.

Please always confirm if your insurance is ‘In Network’ before scheduling with other facilities or specialists.



Well Baby/Child Visits Schedule

We require these visits to monitor the growth and development of your child, regardless of your decision to vaccinate. 

2 days old

2 weeks

2 months-able to start vaccines at this visit per parents request

4 months

6 months

9 months-ASQ

12 months

15 months

18 months- ASQ/MCHAT

2 years- MCHAT/Lead screening, lead test and hemoglobin

30 months-ASQ

3 years & up- well visits annually


** Vaccines are provided by a 3rd party company, Vaxcare, that may be able to be used with your insurance. Please call Vaxcare at 1-888-829-8550 to see if your health plan is in network with them.  If not you are able to self pay for the vaccines or you can go to your local health department for no charge.



New Patient Survey

  • Expecting Your First Child or New to the Practice?

    Dunedin Pediatrics shares the excitement and joy of expecting a child. Dr. Vivian is more than happy to set up a Prenatal Consult with you in person or over the phone to briefly discuss the practice. We do charge a $50.00 fee for the personal consultation as each child and family are unique.

    We are always accepting newborns as well as new patients of all ages (0-21). We invite soon-to-be parents and “Old pro’s” alike to join. If you are interested in making Dunedin Pediatrics your child’s medical home, please complete this survey so we can ensure that we are a good match for you. A member of our office will contact you after receipt of the survey to discuss appointment availability.

  • The cost of the New Patient appointment of $ 130.00 and the Retainer fee are due at the time of service.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

If you want to release your records or request your records from another doctor…

please fill out the Release of Medical Records   and drop off or fax.

To request New Patient Registration forms…email Admin@dunedinpeds.com