Dunedin Pediatrics has a Annual Family Retainer.

This retainer is required to keep our office small and maintain the “small town feel” for our patients.

Our doctor can manage the schedule where she can provide  extended time with her patients in each appointment. This way we can also offer same day  or next day sick/walk-ins and even sibling appointments  for our patients.

Dr. Herrero can really get to know her patients and have that personal relationship with your child as they grow and develop into  amazing adults,  until they make the transition into family practice at the age of 21 years old.

The Annual Retainer has many benefits for the patient such as Parent Portal, Scheduling,  Care Coordination with specialists and more. Dunedin Pediatrics does not have an answering service for after hours illness or change of symptoms from a recent appointment.

You as a member can  call after hours for  Dr. Herrero herself or staff out of office hours to have a Tele visit, or telephone assessment to lessen the need to go to Urgent Care or Hospital, unless advised. (fees will apply)  The best way to reach her is by calling the office number and listening to the options, if she does not answer please leave a message and she will return your call as soon as possible. Calling multiple times and not leaving a message will not result in a return call.



We offer Direct Pay for services or Monthly memberships!

Direct Pay is for the “as needed” service of throughout the year.

Silver/Gold Monthly Membership is for more frequent of services needed. In the monthly plans all visits are included throughout the year.


Please see the link  for more details:  Dunedin Pediatrics Direct Pay/Membership Pricing                       Not all of our fees are published and can be subject to change.

We do not accept insurance for medical care at Dunedin Pediatrics.

**If you do have insurance we  will help in referring you to labs, pharmacies, specialists that normally would take insurance.   You can also always call member services to verify for services outside of our  office.        Please always confirm if your insurance is ‘In Network’ before scheduling with other facilities or specialists.


Office Policies to review for becoming a patient with Dunedin Pediatrics.

ADHD Policy: …

Due to federal mandates effective July 1, 2018 all ADHD visits with medication refills are to be done every 30 day. The vanderbuilt forms are to be done every 3 months at the visits. These medications are controlled and will not be administered without up to date visits as they can not be electronically prescribed. It is the parent’s responsibility to insure these appointments are made-we do not send reminder notices for these appointments. Running out of medication is not an emergency and a new script will not be written without an appointment.

Vaccine Policy:…We do not have a vaccine policy requiring you to have vaccines to be done at our office. We do offer vaccines and vaccine counseling at each well child appointment to assess the risks and benefits. ** Vaccines are provided by a 3rd party company, Vaxcare, that may be able to be used with your insurance. Please call Vaxcare at 1-888-829-8550 to see if your health plan is in network with them.  If not you are able to self pay for the vaccines or you can go to your local health department for no charge.

Well Baby/Child Visits Schedule:…We require these visits to monitor growth and development of your child, no matter your stance on vaccines

2 days old

2 weeks

2 months-able to start vaccines at this visit per parents request

4 months

6 months

9 months-ASQ

12 months

15 months

18 months- ASQ/MCHAT

2 years- MCHAT/Lead screening, lead test and hemoglobin

30 months-ASQ

3-18 years annually




If you want to release your records or request your records from another doctor…

please fill out the Release of Medical Records   and drop off or fax.