Dunedin Pediatrics & Family Annual “Retainer”

This retainer is required to become a patient with our practice.  It is due annually and is based upon the ages of those in the family.

By charging a retainer for each family, we are able to maintain a manageable patient load for each of our physicians, thereby maintaining that “small town” feel we are so proud to offer. Most medical practices overload their providers and leave patients with only a few minutes per appointment. We are different. With smaller patient panels, our doctors are able to spend an extended amount of time at each appointment. We really get to know you, and we actually take the time to answer all of your questions.

Services covered by the Annual Retainer:

  • Patient Portal- offers easy online scheduling, secure private communication with your provider, ability to access visit summaries, medical history, immunization records, labs and more.
  • Care Coordination with specialists.
  • Access to our After Hours Physician Line. We do not outsource after hours phone calls. When you call the office after hours or on the weekends for urgent medical concerns, you will be directed to one of our providers for a telephone assessment. (fees will apply)                                                                                     By providing this convenient option, we can avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the urgent care or ER.


Well Baby/Child Visits Schedule

We require these visits to monitor the growth and development of your child, regardless of your decision to vaccinate. 

2-4 days old                                        2 month                                               12 month                                   30 month

1 week                                                  4 month                                               15 month                                   3 year

2 week                                                 6 month                                                18 month

1 month                                              9 month                                                24 month






** Vaccines are provided by a 3rd party company, Vaxcare, that may be able to be used with your insurance. Please call Vaxcare at 1-888-829-8550 to see if your health plan is in network with them.  If not you are able to self pay for the vaccines, you can go to your local health department for no charge.