Dunedin Pediatrics & Family has an Annual Retainer fee of $ 119.00 per family.

  The Annual Retainer fee  allows us to keep our office small and be able provide the extra time in your appointments.

                                                                                                                                                         ****This annual retainer is a required fee to confirm your reservation in the practice. It is to be renewed annually.  This retainer fee is nonrefundable, not negotiable and cannot be used for a payment of services provided.****


Dunedin Pediatrics & Family established as a concierge practice where we offer

Concierge Memberships for Adults and children

or a “Direct Pay” option for those that are UN insured or out of network with the insurances we do accept.


                                                           The Silver Membership  includes:


Availability for same day/ next day sick or concern visits

Relaxed/extended well baby/child exams

Relaxed/extended sick/concern/follow up visits

Very little wait times in lobby or exam rooms

A comfortable , friendly waiting room and  exam rooms

Tele visits during office hours at a discount

Continuity of care (urgent care visits with your own physician)

Comprehensive care (coordination with specialists, follow-up visits, etc.)

Online Portal Access to your health record with remote access to your physician



Visual test, Hearing test, Urine analysis

Ages & Stages developmental questionnaire 9,18,24,30.

ADHD/ADD assessment, Asthma assessments

Rapid Strep throat testing, Rapid Flu testing, Mono spot testing

Nebulizer treatment, Ear wax removal, Wart removal

Vaccine Counseling



Consistency of the same providers and staff

 Electronic RX’s sent directly to pharmacy (so you never wait)

Natural alternatives

   Access to Health Portal

After Hours calls are in house and not sent to a call center

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you have experienced, board-certified physicians who are managing the health and wellness of your family.


The cost of this Silver Membership is $780.00, it comes with 8 in office visits of your choosing on sick, concern, well, physical, adhd, asthma, or chronic concerns.

You will also save up to 60% on inhouse labs and services. (Vaccines excluded)

The membership is a 12 month contract with terms, we offer payment plans, please ask Brit for assistance.




Dunedin Pediatrics & Family are In Network with these Insurance companies but  we can still be non par for plans in the insurance company. We can verify active coverage and  verify if we are in your plans network and even give you an estimated cost for patient responsibility. 

Straight Medicaid              Tricare

Simply Medicaid                 Avmed

Straight Medicare




PHCS- Multiplan

Liberty HealthShare


PLEASE call and make necessary changes for your assignment of benefits with your insurance company, such as Primary Care Provider (PCP) change.

 **This will be required before scheduling.**

For existing patients with Simply Medicaid -Please message in your Athena portal, your member id and confirmation number of the PCP change to Dunedin Pediatrics & Family so we can update your file. If you have not been in awhile to have access to the portal you may email to admin@dunedinpeds.com

*******We are working and patiently waiting responses from the insurances listed below as pending, we may or not be approved for a contract.

 Christian Healthcare– Pending, United– Pending

Denied: Sunshine Medicaid and Staywell Medicaid , you can call medicaid to see if you can switch to a plans we do accept.




Commonly asked questions and answers:

When and how do I pay the membership fee?

Membership fees can be paid annually or paid in installments, charged monthly to your credit or debit card.

What is not covered by the membership fee?

The following services are not covered by the membership fee:

Vaccinations:We partner with a vaccine company called VaxCare. This partnership allows us to administer the vaccines, then VaxCare bills your insurance directly for all routine pediatric vaccinations. You will be responsible for any copay or deductible required by your insurance plan (just as in any other pediatric practice).

Specialty visits, hospital stays, etc: Any medical services from other medical providers will be billed to your insurance by those providers.

Out-of-office procedures or labs: These, too, can be billed to your insurance by the office administering the labs.

After-hours telephone assessments

Virtual visits (telemedicine)

Do I still need to have insurance?

This is up to you, but we highly recommend having some sort of coverage that may protect you in the event of ER or hospital visits. Dunedin Pediatrics is not a substitute for health insurance. If you choose to come to our practice you may find it advantageous to choose a different insurance plan. You should consult with a financial advisor or a representative from your insurance company to guide your plan choice.

Are you willing to see patients outside of your practice on a fee-for-service basis?

We are willing to see sick patients who are not members on a fee-for-service basis if our schedule permits. Well-child care is limited to patients who are members of Dunedin Pediatrics. Contact our office to check availability and pricing.

Can I be billedfor services if I dont have the payment at the time of my appointment?

Unfortunately, under most circumstances we cannot bill youfor services rendered. Much like you would be expected to pay for your groceries as you leave the grocery store, we insist on payment when you receive services. It is a sad revelation, but after being in business for 5 years, rarely has anyone followed through with payment after leaving the office. Therefore it is our firm policy to collect payment at the time of the appointment. We encourage our patients to become members so that you can predict your costs each month.