Dunedin Pediatrics & Family has an Annual Retainer fee when registering as a patient.

The Annual Retainer fee allows us to keep our office small and be able provide the extra time in your appointments.

0 – 4 years : $ 119.00                       5-21 years : $ 75.00                              Adult : $ 99.00

                                                      The Annual Fee is for the family and NOT per child.

****This annual retainer is a required fee to confirm your reservation in the practice. It is to be renewed annually.  This retainer fee is nonrefundable, not negotiable and cannot be used for a payment of services provided.****


Dunedin Pediatrics & Family is a concierge practice!

We offer 3 Concierge Memberships for Adults and children or a “Direct Pay” option for you to choose from.


                                                           Silver                                                                            Gold                                                                       Platinum

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